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Natural care
for the entire family.

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Minuet is a vegan and artisan cosmetics brand founded in the Mediterranean Basin.
Its first collection consists of a body care line for the entire family, made solely from the purest, natural and organic essential ingredients.

Less is more is our motto. Therefore, we select the best quality and organic ingredients in order to create formulas that provide the maximum benefits with the minimum ingredients.


We process them manually at a cold temperature to preserve their purity so that all their nutrients and active principles remain intact and available for the body.
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  • Mouthwash

    Cleans and disinfects your mouth, leaving a fresh and soft breath.      

  • Deodorant

    Neutralizes odor while allowing natural perspiration through the skin.

    Lemon Verbena
  • Tooth Powder

    A gentle and natural tooth powder that cleans and purifies your mouth.



Minuet blends are naturally self-preserved thanks to the inherent preservative properties of the components, which also provide the fragrance, color and flavor of the cosmetic.


As humans, we actually ‘eat’ through our skin; accordingly Minuet cosmetics are entirely made of ingredients recognizable by our organism. They are so natural that you could even eat them.


We believe in the value and beauty of objects, hence we use glass containers. Besides, because this is the best way to maintain the properties of cosmetics. They are also reusable, and therefore friendlier to the environment.